Chimney Repairs Ireland – Part of MOM Services Ltd

Safety regulations and codes of conduct are always changing and chimney lining has almost become mandatory in all homes in order to bring the existing chimney up to the current standards. Chimney relining is often the best way to do this and to ensure safety and the proper performance in solid fuel appliances. This includes wood, coal, and pellets.

Reasons For Lining or Relining Your Chimney

There are a number of reasons that you might choose to line or reline your chimney and these include:

  • Reducing the size of your chimney flue to ensure proper sizing which in turn provides better draft, less creosote and more.
  • Upgrading the safety quotient. Having your chimney lined ensures that your fire will stay in a tightly sealed tube which means that less heat is transferred through the wall of the chimney to nearby framing and combustible material. In short, it provides additional safety for your home.
  • Older buildings have chimneys that were built with brick but have no liner. Some newer chimneys which may have liners have cracked or deteriorated clay liners. Relining in either of these cases is for safety reasons and to avoid any hazards that can be caused by poor, deteriorated liners, or no liner.

How We Diagnose Chimney Problems

MOM Services Ltd use the most advanced and accurate camera systems to diagnose your chimney problems quickly and efficiently. By doing this, we are able to resolve your problems using the best and most appropriate solution for you. To locate an issues that you might have, infrared CCTV cameras are used. They are passed up and down the flue of your chimney to provide our technicians with an accurate picture of any problems that may be lurking in your chimney. Using these CCTV Chimney surveys we are able to:

  • View blocked or restricted flues which may have been caused by animal nests, fallen debris, restricted bends or other objects that may have breached the flue.
  • Measure the dimensions of the flue to see what the most appropriate lining method is.
  • Establish the cause of major smoke leakage.
  • Check for damage which may have occurred following a chimney fire.
  • Check for damage relating to subsidence or wear and tear which can happen over time.

Using CCTV equipment allows us to survey your chimney and diagnose any problems quickly and effectively without any disruption to you or your home.

What Chimney Relining Service is Best for You?

Chimney relining comes in many different forms and here at MOM Services Ltd, we offer you traditional and Eldfast relining. Many of the different forms of relining that are available today have been proven to be ineffective for the Irish market. They also carry EU or British standards which don’t really apply to the type of chimney that is used throughout Ireland.

Most of the households in Ireland tend to burn fuels that have a much higher moisture content than those of Britain or Europe and therefore, our chimney relining systems have to stand the test of time. They have been designed to suit the Irish climate and Irish fuel consumption.

Not all chimney repair companies are the same and many of our competitors have only been around for the past couple of years and as such have little or no experience in the field. All our team have been Hetvas approved and they undergo regular training to ensure that they are up to date on all the newly approved methods.

There are lots of different methods for relining chimneys including clay liners, twin wall stainless steel lining, twin wall insulated stainless steel lining, thermocrete and more. When you book a chimney survey with us we will recommend the correct method for relining your particular chimney.

For more in depth information on the types of relining services that we offer, please see our traditional relining or Eldfast relining pages.